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bad moon rising

in a world in a room there lived a girl

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Wednesday Darling
22 October
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fey: Like in nature to a banana peel

Amazing Obsessor Extraordinaire, with as many Obsessions as there are Cocoa Pebbles ™ in a Super-Sized Family Pack. Fond of using Accents Of All Kinds, British especially; a Poet and Writer, as well as a reader of All Things Fanfic and Slashy.

Feel free to friend away and I'll most likely friend you back. But I'll really only know that you friended me if you tell me. Most of my fics are sorted in my Memories. gogoangelgunboy is my official pimp and manager. discordandnight is my official bosom companion.

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gunboy sez ED: so what's the real you? the perfect, shining automail - or the flesh beneath it? you make so much magic for others...when are you going to get what you really want?

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I wear the hat. The hat does not wear me.

i'm in slytherin!

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she holds her books tightly and thinks her hands will be stained with ink,
until it ruins all she touches and turns her world to words.

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