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*swiffers off the LJ dust*

Being snowed in seems like as good an oppurtunity as any to get off of Facebook and back on the writing track. To start somewhere small and find that groove, because I'm afraid I've really rather lost the touch but then again maybe not. It's like the proverbial bike, right?


Only partially feeling it and not exactly...inspired. But I'll do it anyway. Should I pick up the threads of one original thing or the other right away, or should I fall back into the comforting non-pressure of fandom-y wonders? Decisions, decisions.

...because I could happily (shamefully?)jump on the Vampire Diaries train if I let myself. Augh.

This post brought to you by the Get-Your-Shit-Together-Maria program
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Dean Winchester vs. Eric Northman

Prettiest. Fight. EVER.

....I mean, no one would win and they'd end the night with a pat on the back and a wink, because I say so....but think of how PRETTY it would be.

Also, if I had the ability to shape-shift, I'd like to be able to change into a wise old Asian man.

Just because.

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I approve of vampires named Eric. Very much so.

Have not been posting. Too busy obsessing over True Blood. A love me my vampire shows.

Except for, you know, most of the vampire shows on tv now. But I make an exception for shows that include tall blond Viking vampires. Ah, Eric. Mrawr.

What else...oh. Went to Vegas for the first time and promptly fell in love with the place. 100 degree weather? Yes, please, may I have another? A city with no real concept of time seems ideal for me.

Have been enjoying all the sun and heat waves. Nevermind that I was born and raised in Boston. I have very little tolerance for the cold and I'm milking the summer for all it's worth until I can move somewhere where it is always hot and bright.

Walking through Whole Foods yesterday when a hipster strolled on past. There are lots of hipsters around, but this one was special. This one was carrying a gold elephant statue through the grocery store with care and a nonchalent attitude. No idea why or where he got it from. It was possibly one of the best things ever.

Aaaand...while ninja-ing my way into an apartment building the other day [something I seem to do with alarming frequency], a nice service man offered to just let me in.

Service Man: Aw, I'll let you in. You just can't tell anyone.

Me: I won't! Thank you!

Service Man: I mean, you look nice. You're not a murderer or anything, right?

Me: Not yet!

Luckily he laughed instead of calling security. The sad thing is, it didn't even occur to me to just say 'No, of course not'. That would be silly.

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Oh, Failbender

So I was going to seeThe Last Airbender for the lulz, but apperantly the movie is too depressingly bad to even laugh at. This makes me sad. I wasn't expecting a good movie at all, but I thought something would salvage it at least a little. I mean, I like to mock things but if the reviews are any indication, the movie crosses beyond the mocklands and into the black abyss.

BUT then I found this review and it makes so much sense.


My favorite bit: Airbender doesn't just poke fun at its entire genre, with its hyperactive mix of randomness and blandness - it actually MST3Ks its audience...Aang and Sokka become Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot, staring out of the screen and bemusedly riffing on our feeble attempts to invest in this saga.

Hahaha.....ugh. I knew it was going to be downhill once I saw Zuko. He has all his hair right from the beginning! How are we supposed to track his redemption if his hair is not growing along with him?!

Anyhoodle. I probably won't see the movie now. I just rewatched the first season and remember how friggin EPIC and beautiful and emotional the finale is. That will only highlight the fail. At least I managed to get my brother addicted to the series now =D

On the other hand, I loved the Doctor Who finale! Hearts on Amy! Hearts on Eleven! They remind me of Ten and Rose <3 back in series two, before the angst kicked into over-drive. So very Peter and Wendy =3

...I still prefer my Doctor pinstriped though.
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another possible SPN ending

Hey. I'm not great, but I'm able. Which is something.

And this time I'm not drunk!writing.

Possibly because I have work tomorrow and my Jack Daniels has disappeared. I'm inclined to blame my brother for this catastrophe.

Anyways. Fic...thing. Sort of. Written about twenty minutes ago because the Season finale is tomorrow.

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steady on

Lunch break in Boston = wind tunnels, clear skies, and pretty angles.


Yesterday I thought to myself "You know, I really really REALLY miss Jack Sparrow". Because I do. Then I turn on the tv tonight and 'Dead Man's Chest' is on. I turn it on in time to laugh at the threesome fight and sniffle when the Kraken/Sarlaac destorys Jack and his Pearl. Having not watched this in quite awhile, it had an affect.

So I look up the next Pirates movie. I had heard about it being confirmed and the basic premise...but apperantly the title has been released. PotC: On Stranger Tides. It sounds like a sitcom, starring Captains Sparrow and Barbossa. Oh, the wacky misadventures they shall have. Like the Odd Couple. Or Two and a Half Men. On a boat. Oi. It can't be worse than the 2nd and 3rd movies though. Right? I mean, Jack will actually be important in this one. And have his ship back in one piece. Right? Right.


I could happily go back to when 'Curse of the Black Pearl' was first released and live there forever. I distinctly remember it being a wonderful and happy time all around.
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Things I see on the side of the road...

Today I observed things on the side of the road. In particular, I took note of objects while stopped at red lights. Today that list includes:

- an empty Coke cup

- an empty and crushed french fry container

- a pile of cigarettes [literally a pile. I can only assume that either someone smoked an entire pack while waiting for the light to turn green, or everyone just hopped on the bandwagon in this particular hot spot]

- What appeared to be part of a broken television set [there was nothing on, apperantly]

And, finally

- a cucumber with a condom carefully rolled on [always practice safe vegetation?]

I don't even know.
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Oh man, you guys, remember the Gin Blossoms?

You should. Because they were awesome and from the 90s. Which makes it doubley awesome. I had one of those 'Holy cow, I used to love this song!' moment the other day and have since been looping it.

Srsly. 70s may have had some of the best rock, but the 90s were amazing. There were few bad 90s songs. Just great, good, and hilarious. Like Nirvana. And all those Savage Garden songs. And the Cardigans's 'Lovefool'! AND CREEP OMG!

And 'The Thong Song'.


....Okay, so I spent two days working with kids who were born between 2005 and 2007. It made me feel old and nostalgiac. I miss my gelly sandals and wrist-slap bracelets. And side-poytails. Sigh.

[Sidenote: This icon is perhaps one of the most appropriate icons for me ever. Bahaha.]